John H Burrow

John H Burrow

Award Winning Plein~Air Artist   2016 ~ 2017

Plein-Air Events

First Annual

Penticton Plein~Air

Ken Faulks (left) and John H. Burrow put on a great outdoor painting demonstration for the crowds of the First Annual Penticton Plein~Air event September 27th and 28th, 2014

John H Burrow:  Winner of the Crossing at Ghost River Plein Air Event.

Over 70 Artists' gathered to participate in the first annual plein-air competition near Cochrane, Alberta. The event took place at The Crossing at Ghost River Guest Ranch.

Plein air painting in Sedona and
The Grand Canyon.

John H. Burrow, plein air painting near "Hermit's Rest"
Grand Canyon

I just returned from a fabulous week long painting adventure in Arizona. What a beautiful, inspiring place it was!

We spent the first part of our trip in Sedona. The red rocks, sunny days and lots of easy trails make for the ideal holiday location.  I met up with a fellow plein air painter, Michael Chesley Johnson and his lovely wife, Trina.  Michael took me to many of his favourite haunts.  One day we painted amongst snow dusted red rocks, the next day we were painting creekside, then off to the old mining "ghost" town of Jerome, where we painted antique vehicles.

We moved on to visit the Grand Canyon again.  Winter is the ideal time to visit because several roads that are normally limited to just shuttle buses in the summer are open to everyone.  I painted a scene from one of the canyon viewpoints and visited one of Mary Colter's historic buildings at Hermit's Rest Later, we moved on to Zion National Park and were excited to discover a little known part of the park called Kolob Canyons.  The scenery there was just as spectacular as anything we had seen before.

Our plein air trip was such a success that we plan to go back next year. There is so much more to explore!

Finger Lakes Plein Air...
Finger Lakes New York

John walked away with a Judson's Art Wet Canvas Box at the Finger Lakes Plein Air event in Finger Lakes,  Up State, New York.

John H. Burrow, Carol Genn, and Robert Genn on our

heli-painting trip in the Bugaboos!  What a blast!     "We will all miss Robert!"

Fall trip to the Bugaboos a
great success!

Elizabeth Wiltzen and Robert Genn put on a first class heli-painting event that I attended last fall.  We had straight sunshine for a full four days!  The Bugaboo Lodge staff created five star meals every time!

It was the first time in a Bell 202 helicopter for me.  On the last location we went to, the pilot flew us just over this huge saddle between two mountain tops near "The Pearl Galcier".  Now I'm hooked!

Three straight days of mountain sunshine on glacier tops can get you a nice tan... We were ready for some shade....

Bugaboo Provincial Park,  British Columbia.

Liz Wiltzen and LeighAnne Graham applying the finishing touches to their plein-air masterpieces at Cobalt Lake, Bugaboo Provincial Park,

British Columbia.

John H. Burrow and Robert Genn painting at

"The Pearl Galcier",  Bugaboo Provincial Park

British Columbia,  BC

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