John H Burrow

John H Burrow

Award Winning Plein~Air Artist 2018

Drawing with pencils & markers

(This course can take place outdoors or indoors as requested by the students and

you may bring any kind of numbered pencils or magic markers)


Instructor: John H. Burrow

2 day workshop,   9am - 1pm,  Price:  $160.


You will discover the amazing art of taking a simple pencil or sharpie style magic marker and turning a simple stroke of a line into several shades of grays... Thus being able to convert those shapes into images... and those images into really great fine art drawings. We will go over techniques, strokes, value and shades on a gray scale, 3 dimensional work, correcting mistakes, varnishing, and final presentation.


Supply List:

Art Pencils with any hardness number ie:  2B, 3B, 6B, 2H, 4H, HB
Any drafting pencils with any number of leads and sharpeners.

Hand style pencil sharpener


Sharpie style markers:  Ultra Fine Point, or Fine Point


Sketch Book or Drawing paper (glued bound pad) .
(with a minimum size of 11 x 14" or any size larger as you wish)


Eraser, soft type


Tracing paper


A selection of 15 to 10 photos that you may wish to bring to work from. ( I will bring back-up photos if required) Choose photos that have strong patterns of light and shadow in order to get the most out of the exercises. Bring any subject matter that interests you… They do not have to be landscape photos.




Call to find out where and when this class takes place 1-928-451-2742